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Innotech Silver Research

Successful Scale-up of Nanowires Synthesis

bmbf Research
bmbf Research

RAS AG has started a research project in the field of production research for silver nanowires.

Innotech Silver, a SME innovative project funded by the bmbf, is aiming at the development of a new production technology for the industrial synthesis of silver nanowires. For this purpose, a laboratory process for the production of silver nanowires, which was developed by RAS AG, is transferred to a production-oriented scale. The aim of the project is to ensure a high and consistent process and product quality.

„In the medium term, the availability of the nanomaterial in high quality and sufficient quantity of electronic products can be produced more cost-effectively and more resource-saving. The electronics industry will benefit from this in research, development and production, „says Dr. Georg Maier, Member of the Management Board of RAS AG. RAS AG expects that the development of an overall process for the fabrication of metallic nanowires will have a model character for the production of high-tech nanomaterials.

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