Products for textile applications

RAS offers high-performance additives which add outstanding functionality to your textile substrates. Our additives are easy to use and can be added to your existing coatings and formulations.

arrow_rtl Hygiene textiles: The new generation antimicrobial agpure® with lifetime effect and best performance.

arrow_rtl Low-e textiles: Low-e means "low emissivity"; that are functional coatings with a adjustable degree of IR-reflection. The outstanding property of our ECOS®-formulations is the high optical transparency.

arrow_rtl "Smart-Release™" textiles: The RAS Smart-Release-Formulations offer a wide area of functions to your polymer substrate. Starting with fragrances up to repellent components we are are able to integrate almost any functionality into your fiber. The RAS Smart-Release additiv offers specific controlled release properties to cover long time effects.

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