Products for polymers and fibers

RAS offers advanced additives for the functionalisation of all kinds of polymers. Our innovative products are based on modern nanotechnologies and thus preferably used to produce textile fibers and microfibers. The RAS portfolio keeps the following  funcions for sale:

arrow_rtl Antimicrobial surfaces by the RAS agpure®-technology

arrow_rtl fragrance, repellents and other vectors for most thermoplastic materials by the RAS Smart-Release-Technology

The RAS product portfolio also presents functional coatings for a variety of polymer materials. The newest technology of the RAS Corp. are high brillant and transparent coatings with good abrasion stability. The ECOS® ESD coatings are predominantly used to functionalise polycarbonate and acrylic glas with anti-static properties. Therefore the ECOS® ESD coatings are highly recommended for applications where explosion prevention is indispensable.

For more detailed information please read the following product information:

ECOS® ESD BeschichtungenSANPURE® K130 Antimikrobielle Beschichtung