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„Regensburger Researchers Find a Niche in the Market“ was headlined by the (German) news magazine DER SPIEGEL as it introduced the Regensburg based company rent a scientist in it’s science section.

A whole string of television news reports on rent a scientist followed. Almost all major print media have published editorials on the innovative corporate concept “rent a scientist” over the past years. In the meantime, there are few renowned technology companies, who have not heard of rent a scientist.




What is more, is that rent a scientist was originally founded by three chemical scientists from the Regensburg University for the principal purpose of supporting small and mid-size companies. By 2000 the GbR (company subject to German civil law) had already been transformed into a Gmbh (German LTD).

Further chemical scientists, biologists, physicists as well as textile engineers were employed. rent a scientist became the scientific enterprise of lateral thinkers in Germany that has gained recognition with customers and the media alike.

rent a scientist is managed by the two chemical scientists Dr. Georg Maier and Dr. Robert Nusko and the business graduate Adi Parzl.

Systematic innovation processes and creative lateral thinking across industries and areas of technology have become the trademark of rent a scientist.


A multitude of successful product innovations featuring interesting and unique properties are based on the fruitful innovative efforts. The idea of an elastic conductive yarn was conceived during the course of a innovations workshop in cooperation with a textile manufacturer based in the Allgäu.



Bayerischer Innovationspreis 2006

Bavarian Innovation Award 2006

The new material was one of ten to be awarded the Bavarian Innovation Award in 2006 and is utilised in the interior of cars, the clothing industry and the home textiles sector.

An innovative coating for protective clothing was developed for the leading manufacturer of work wear. Now the overall not only offers protection from chemical but also from biological hazards.




Land der Ideen 2006

Land der Ideen 2006

A whole line of further innovation awards were received by customers for innovative products that are based on material innovations from rent a scientist. rent a scientist itself was honoured as a „Chosen Landmark in the Land of Ideas – Germany” by the Federal Minister in 2006.

Every year approximately 10 new property rights are registered for developments that can be traced back to rent a scientist.

rent a scientist has cultivated a particularly vast pool of knowledge and experience in the area  of  “nanomaterials” and is likely to be the worldwide leading force in nanomaterials research.


nm300rent a scientist has been conducting research on this materials technology for nearly ten years. agpure®, the trademark registered by rent a scientist is in all likelihood the most known nanosilver brand worldwide. In 2010, the OECD chose rent a scientist’s product AgPURE™ as a worldwide reference material for the OECD sponsorship program. Nanomaterials in particular open entirely new windows of opportunity for rent a scientist’s customers.

This is why customers and partners were not only supported with unconventional approaches and development services, but also innovative and advanced materials with a wide range of applications. For this purpose, the partners of rent a scientist founded the ras materials GmbH on the 1st of January, 2010.


The continuous research and development  lead to the successful synthesis of silver nanowires: The Silver Nanowires Technology: ECOS®. It has become apparent that the future potential of this technology is exceptional, as it is going to revolutionise the state-of-the-art of transparent conductive surfaces. This technology in combination with rent a scientist’s registered patents constituted the starting point of the cooperation with Heraeus Precious Metals and the combination of ECOS® products with conductive polymers of the CLEVIOS® product range.


The RAS AG was established at the beginning of 2016, as a merger of the company rent a scientist GmbH;
scientific services since 1995


ras materials GmbH;
production and distribution of nanomaterials since 2010.

The RAS AG offers its customers development services, technologies and materials for the creation of  technology based product innovations.