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Dangerous threat by multi-resistant bacteria

Infectious disease especially hospital acquired ones follow a typical chain of infection. Starting with a carrier that contains a pathogen, which might be a contaminated inanimate surface or humans bearing germs on their skin.

Break the chain of infection

In the last years the abundant use of antibiotics in medicine, animal health and exceptionally for animal breeding created a huge variety of antibiotic resistant germs, even bacterial strains which are multiple resistant against the common groups of antibiotics. The most threatening bacteria are among others 3,4 MRGN (multi-resistant gram negative) types like Acinetobacter sp. or Klebsiella sp. as well as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

The germs con be transmitted via contact to other humans or surfaces. Breaking this chain of infection helps the prevention of diseases.

agpure® technology

This is the point, where Nanosilver helps to break through the transmission chain. Nanosilver inhibits the growth of germs on treated materials. The number of pathogens on the surface is reduced significantly and remains below the so-called infectious dose.

The agpure® technology is based on formulations containing silver with a high efficacy.

Fields of application are:

arrow_rtl Disinfection of surfaces

arrow_rtl Hygiene coating in clinical surfaces

arrow_rtl Implants, bone screws, etc.

arrow_rtl Bone cements

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