Cradle to cradle von Silber (nano)

Cradle to cradle

Conventional biocides are organic chemicals that are manufactured from crude oil by means of an energy intensive process. Recycling these organic chemicals is NOT possible. Consequently, biocidal active substances like TRICLOSAN can only be used once.

This is why we call agpure® “a new generation of antimicrobial active substances”, because, as an inorganic compound,  it can be recycled entirely. The silver in agpure® is derived from silver sulphide ore, is purely inorganic and can be found all around the world; it is ubiquitous. We refine this natural material by means of a simple and energy conserving process. Most applications only require us to add a very small amount in the area of part per million (ppm), sufficient to realise an antimicrobial effect, which guarantees freshness and safety across the entire lifespan of a product.

We believe: agpure® is a clever contribution to sustainability.